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Business-development services are also provided to assist with business plan writing, registration, marketing, bookkeeping, and other essential activities. Brightpoint provides affordable financing for small-business owners and entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their business.

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We provide alternative financing for customers who are unable to borrow from traditional lenders due to past credit problems or are needing only a small amount of capital. Financing is provided as a personal or business loan to assist the borrower in improving his or her financial health through business ownership, to improve his or her credit score, and to access mainstream financial resources in the future.

Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U. For founders of businesses, it is understandable that over a period of time, their ambitions can change, based on life events, market events, offers from other companies etc. We talked through a few scenarios and the advisor mentioned we should consider an independent valuation just for our internal use going forward.

From this one-on-one, some conversations were a broad stroke and some in detail, but as with all of my sessions so far, I am finding it very useful to keep this all in mind as we scale-up. Technorati Tags : Business , entrepreneur , innovating for growth. Rose Hill is a graphic artist who has garnered renown for her personal commissions and her 'Make Your Pet Famous' series. Here, in celebration of International Cat Day, she shares how furry friends have shaped her work and business. I'm Rose, a graphic artist.

I create award-winning Pop Art designs - from painted murals to my personally commissioned 'Make Your Pet Famous' artworks which are now sold in Harrods. Each piece is lovingly designed in North London and made in England. I love creating art and am particularly keen that my work brings people joy and pleasure.

The art I create is fun and approachable and it aims to reflect what you like best about the world around you, which, let's face it, more often that not, is your pets! The colour palettes I use are very bright, which is important because of the effect that colour can have on your mood. Pattern and texture is also a big inspiration in my work.

Each piece of artwork has 64 geometric patterns layered into it. I hand draw every pet using a Surface Pro laptop. It allows me to draw straight onto the computer screen as if it was a pen and paper. Using a variety of drawing techniques including line drawings, I assemble together every element of their face and body and then insert the different colours and tones of patterns in each feature and change the opacity of each of them to give depth and tone.

All have at least 10 layers and most have considerably more. I love mixing the modern technology with the traditional style of craftmanship. To add to that, each work is printed onto brushed paper to make it look like it is on fabric. Seeing the customer's reaction after I've taken them on the creative journey with me from start to finish is also very inspirational.


The process of getting customers for Make Your Pet Famous was very organic. A customer commissioned me to draw their dog, Lola. At that time I had 11 dogs in my card and stationery collection and needed 12 for my first Trade Show. So I asked if I could use Lola in my collection. They loved the idea and so did everyone else! When I was at trade shows and would explain about Lola, people would ask if I could draw their dog too and add to my next collection.

This continued to happen and after five more commissions I thought there was something in this. I got some lovely recommendations and positive feedback and the word began to spread more. Word of mouth has been a big part of me finding customers because normally when people get their works, they are so delighted they immediately tell their friends about it! This led to my 'Make Your Pet Famous' exhibitions which built on this relationship between humans and pets at a live event. And of course, social media is a wonderful way to meet people and connect with people.

DOING BUSINESS GOD’S WAY: 4 cornerstones and 3 key principles

There are other great search tools for funding and other valuable information! Try stuff! Experiment and play. Create something you're passionate about and there are other people who are passionate about it too. Resilience and grit are key qualities to have. Growing the business is really important but the most important thing is how you want it to grow!

Business Blessing Plan

But more important, I believe, is to go where you will feel satisfied creatively, financially and mentally. Artistic freedom has always been number one for me! So in my case, it meant letting the cards and stationery side of the business go so that I could concentrate on the creative side and personal commissions.

I licensed my designs and got others to sell products for me so that I could concentrate on that. The private views for these were so special and among the best nights of my life. I've also been so lucky to have done so many amazing commissions and collaborations, for example getting a commission from Charles Saatchi to illustrate and make his daughter a dress straight from my degree show. I feel very proud to have drawn two artworks for Sadie Frost which has been featured in magazines like Red.

There was also a commission to do a portrait for Robert Webb and his family. Finally, having Harrods as a stockist to many items including the 'Make Your Pet Famous' range and designing a print and accessories especially for them under their own name has been incredible. Being able to sell my art and stationery across the world, places like Japan, America and Australia is an amazing feeling!

It's an honour to be able to create a life and business that people love and want to be a part of. When starting the 'Make Your Pet Famous' collection it began with dogs but very soon after everyone wanted cats. I was always asked 'where are the cats? They became an integral part of my offering from that point on, with Tupac as the first MakeYourPetFamous cat.

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They can direct you to specialists. They have all the details on copyright, trademark and registered designs and can help you to get protected, which they certainly did with me. You can find all the details on her website. Answer: A powerful sense of purpose that provides the ability and stamina to keep going through both the good times and the tough times whilst always providing an attractive draw to supporters, resources and potential customers.

The original Business Model Canvas remains rooted in a logical left-brained deductive process that fails to build unique and exciting business models. Nor does it capture the purpose, the energy or the passion of the founders that stand behind their start-ups. And to be convincing, you have to show why your team is built for this future solution, why it is in your DNA, why it is your purpose. And this outward expression of your inner drive that so effectively engages with start-up and scale-up supporters, does not come from better business model engineering but by discovering your purpose and passion and learning to express that purpose with greater clarity and increased impact.

As the original business model canvas fails to capture this raw emotional connection, we lose sight of a crucial part of what makes your business attractive, what makes it unique and why it should be supported and championed.

Business Plan Presentation - How to write a business plan for investors

How the Breakthrough Business Model Canvas can help you and your team will depend on the questions you are asking and the challenges that you face. However, a typical conundrum that start-ups face is whether to pivot or not. Do we switch to writing generic marketing copy or website blogs because they pay more money? Alternatively, you can search online for a coach who can take you through the canvas to help you uncover deeper and more powerful answers. Neil delivers coaching, tools and workshops to help you discover your start-up purpose, gain lift-off and magnify growth.

The IPO operates and maintains a clear and accessible intellectual property system in the UK, which encourages innovation and helps the economy and society to benefit from knowledge and ideas, as well as helping people get the right type of protection for their creation or invention. Intellectual property IP rights grant you the ability to take legal action if others attempt to make, use, import, copy or sell your creation.

Work in the creative sector? Copyright is a property right which is intended to reward the making of, and investment in, creative works. Copyright protects literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, sound recordings, films, broadcasts and published editions.

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In the UK, copyright comes into being automatically when a qualifying work is created; there is no formal registration. The term of protection for most copyright material is the life of the creator, plus 70 years from the date of their death. Please check our website for more information on how long copyright lasts.

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You can find out more about the rights granted by copyright on our website. The look of your design includes the appearance, physical shape, configuration and decoration. This can be 2D patterns or 3D designs. Registering your design allows you to gain a marketing edge by preventing others from using it without your permission.