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To build your company, you need to be a fast learner and apply what you pick up along the way. The best time to learn? The few minutes here and there, between everyday tasks. If you have 10 minutes open on your schedule, you have time to take a business call or listen to a podcast.

Since every minute is precious, you need to make your downtime work for you. Books offer a wealth of knowledge to help you learn about time management. A book waits for you at the precise spot you left off, and you don't need large chunks of time to see a benefit. Start by reading 10 minutes before bed, while you're traveling or during those in-between task times mentioned earlier. If you increase your intensity, you'll be able to achieve more in an hour than others can in three hours. If you spend 10 hours chugging along at Intensity Level 2, you'll get the same amount done as if you'd worked for two hours at Intensity Level This is the one change I wish I'd adopted earlier.

An even better option if you have the money : Invest in a mentor. If you find a good one, this likely will be the best money you ever spend. I know you're eagerly waiting for your business to free your from your other job, but that's precisely the reason you need to hang on to your first profits — or reinvest them in your enterprise. Just don't spend it to buy things you want for your personal enjoyment. In this way, you train yourself to stop working for money and make money work for you. For example, you could invest the money in a mentor, a book or a course to learn something that will help you continually improve.

If you want to eat caviar for the rest of your life, you need to hold off spending what you earn in the lean times. This might seem to contradict my earlier advice to cut down on the time you spend with others. But when you elevate the circle of people around you, you gain more from the limited time you can afford away from your business. As motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

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So up your circle. Seek people with growth-oriented mindsets who are building their companies and can help you do the same. And in the meantime, before you find a mentor or an aspirational peer group? Make "friends" with your idols in the business world.

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Donald Byrd - Change (Makes You Wanna Hustle)

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‘Change (Makes You Wanna Hustle)’: Jazzman Donald Byrd Goes Disco

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