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This was the faith brought over to the continent by the Andals and is represented by a seven-pointed star representing each of gods which are, thought by some, to be seven aspects of a single deity. The Seven are comprised of Father, Mother, Warrior, Maiden, Crone, Smith, and Stranger; adherents pray to each in turn in a seven-sided church known as a sept.

Male priests are known as septons and females as septas. The proposed seven-volume series written by George R. The fifth installment is due out in July.

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See Dance with Dragons, A. The ancestral seat of House Baratheon and before that the legendary Storm Kings. A dynasty that conquered Westeros using their famed dragons and ruled the Seven Kingdoms for nearly years, its reign came to an end the day that Jaime Lannister slew Aerys II. Aerys' heir Rhaegar, his wife Elia, and their children were murdered, but two Targaryen offspring escaped execution at the hands of their enemies.

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The last of the "blood of the dragon," siblings Viserys and Daenerys were raised in the Free Cities, far from King's Landing. Among their ancestors, they believed in wedding brother to sister to preserve the bloodline. House Targaryen's symbol is the dragon, its words are "fire and blood. A whispered nickname for Robert Baratheon, whose rebellion led to him crowning himself as king of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, following the murder of Aerys Targaryen by Jaime Lannister.

The only fixed city among the nomadic Dothraki warriors, it is a sacred place where weapons are not permitted and where no blood can be shed. Its wall-less streets are lined with statues and relics from bygone conquests. The former wives of khals—known as dosh khaleen—are considered to be holy and dwell here; additionally, there are two markets. A fallen city that was once the capital of the Valyria Freehold that was destroyed in a cataclysmic event known as the Doom, which occurred several hundred years before the events depicted in Game of Thrones.

The inhabitants of this place were renowned for their magical abilities and for their forges, which produced the whisper-sharp blades known as Valyrian steel see: Ice.

Dark Rangers

House Targaryen originally came from Valyria. The foot-tall wall that is a barrier between the Seven Kingdoms and the wild beyond, it stretches miles along the North. Built from rock and ice, it is said to have spells woven into it, a literal shield against the nightmarish creatures and the "free folk" see: Wildlings who would cross over into the realm of man. The Wall is defended by the Sworn Brotherhood of the Night's Watch, which has fallen on hard times of late. Few believe there is anything worth stopping in the darkness beyond the Wall and, of the 19 castles that once garrisoned the troops of the Night's Watch, only three remain.

A person under the care of another. In this case, wards were often underage highborn hostages seized during battles by lords who sought to make their parents behave and put down their arms. A species of tree that is indigenous to Westeros and was held as sacred to the Children of the Forest and the First Men. Its leaves and sap are blood-red and its bark is pale. Lysa Arryn's throne at The Eyrie is made of weirwood. Westeros :. The continent where much of the action of Game of Thrones is set.

Comprised of seven kingdoms and two regions, it is the northernmost continent in this world. A mythological race not been seen for more than years, these creatures have been reduced to being Boogeymen villains in children's fairy tales, and some doubt they ever existed. According to legend, these creatures—white-fleshed with terrible blue eyes—were driven behind the Wall by a joint effort by The Children of the Forest and the First Men.

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The barbaric human residents beyond the Wall who refer to themselves as the "Free Folk. The ancestral home of House Stark, descendents of the First Men. From here, the Warden of the North—currently Ned Stark—has kept a close watch over Westeros' northern kingdom, where it snows even during summer. House Stark's symbol is a gray direwolf; its words are "Winter is coming. The official motto of House Stark, which can be taken to mean that there are dark days ahead and one must always be prepared. In a world where summer can last a decade, the cruel winter to come could last generations, as it did during the "Long Night" event 8, years ago, when the Others were said to have invaded Westeros.

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Dark Ranger (Many Kingdoms Book 1)

No spoilers. Andals , The : An invading force thousands of years before the events depicted in Game of Thrones , these invaders are responsible for the culture, religion, and language the Common Tongue of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Arakh : The curved blade favored by the nomadic warriors of the Dothraki tribe, it is connected to the user by a lanyard that can be twisted to remove the blade while on horseback. Casterly Rock : The fortress seat of the Lannister family, located in Lannisport.

crowdfundpthomas.dev3.develag.com/224-conocer-mi-destino.php Castle Black : The decrepit castle at the base of foot wall see: Wall, The that divides the Seven Kingdoms from the wild forest. Children of the Forest, The : The original, indigenous inhabitants of the continent known as Westeros, they had a deep connection to the natural magic of the world and some were gifted with prescience "greensight". Direwolf : Distantly related to wolves, these fierce and terrifying creatures can grow to be as large as a pony.

Dothraki : A nomadic people who travel the open plains known as the Dothraki Sea. Dragons : Fire-breathing mythical creatures. Essos : The continent east of Westeros where the grasslands known as the Dothraki Sea are located. Eyrie, The : The home of House Arryn, it sits atop a treacherous mountain called The Giant's Lance and can only be reached by passing through three gates as one ascends the mountain. First Men, The : Human settlers who came to Westeros thousands of years ago and formed a pact with the Children of the Forest.

But when they forget the king, will Kergon and the Kessons capture them for good?

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Swords, knights, and battles define these captivating tales that parallel biblical events from Genesis to Revelation! Fierce castle lords hold the kingdom hostage. But a champion is coming… Fairos thought he had sentenced Leinad to death in the Banteen desert. But he was wrong.

Leinad survived. Now, trained by the King himself, Leinad returns—a true Knight of the King. His skill with the sword is unmatched this side of the Great Sea ; his resolve is unshakeable. He is determined to fulfill the mission given him by the King and to free the people from their bondage to Lord Fairos. And when the rest of the kingdom turns away from the King and the Code, Leinad turns to his most faithful ally, Tess.

Dark Ranger (Many Kingdoms, #1) by Dawn Napier

With her help, Leinad struggles to conquer his own doubt. I was rewarded with patronizing elephant nods and more blank stares. Shortly thereafter, I awoke in the middle of the night with a medieval story enveloping my mind. The only question is who Blizz will shoot. Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by Graden. Well as you said she's only been mentioned by the Alliance, twice in game so far, and let's not forget the book where she was close to Anduin and the Alliance in general.

I find it really hard for her to become a Horde character, so I bet you are safe. We are definitely not though. Dickmann's Law: As a discussion on the Lore forums becomes longer, the probability of the topic derailing to become about Sylvanas approaches 1. The idea isn't mine, but Calia as either the leader or the figurehead of a revanchist movement finally getting off its ass with the Forsaken weakened and moods against them would have fit well.

It'd also let the Alliance reincorporate Lordaeron in a more organic way. Bring in the Scarlets and the Brotherhood of Light, those last guys should've been fighting the Forsaken yesterday. I feel like Blizzard wasted a huge opportunity to bring the Scarlets into the Alliance.