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Detect hollow spots by dragging a heavy chain across the bottom of the pool. Listen closely as you drag for a hollow, echo-like sound that indicates the location of a hollow spot. Continue grinding to extend the crack 1 inch on each end.

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Allow the crack to dry. Scrub the dust and debris out of the cracks and chiseled areas using a wire brush.


Hook up a garden hose to your outdoor water tap. Rinse the sides of the pool as it finishes draining to remove loose debris, such as leaves and algae. Shovel out the debris, and drain the rinse water. Leave the water hose running, and lay the hose along the bottom of the pool. Pour 1 gallon of water into a plastic sprayer, then add 1 gallon of muriatic acid.

Place the lid on the container.

How to Patch a Plaster Pool

Start at the deepest end of the pool, and spray one 5-foot section of wall at a time with the acid. Let the acid sit for 30 seconds, then rinse the area from top to bottom. Mix more acid as needed to finish the pool. Add 2 pounds of soda ash for each gallon of acid used to the acid water in the bottom of the pool to neutralize the acid. Stir the soda ash into the water with a pool brush on an extension pole.

Drain the water out of the pool. Let the pool dry out completely. Mix the plaster patching compound with water to the consistency of peanut butter. Because of this, the pouch should only be opened directly before use and Spiral Heat should not be put in a microwave or oven, as the material may catch on fire.

Heat Therapy 1. How does heat work against pain? Heat therapy is a simple and effective method that can offer pain relief for back, neck and shoulder pain.

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It increases the local blood flow as well as the skin temperature which leads to a relaxation of the muscles. The increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue and at the same time dilutes and washes away painful mediators and metabolic by-products. This helps to restore damaged tissue and to decrease pain. When is heat therapy the right treatment and when cold therapy?

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The therapeutic use of cold or warmth is a well-known physiotherapeutic treatment. Whether to use heat or cold on the affected area depends on the type of pain. Heat has been known for generations to be an effective way to relieve muscle pain such as muscle strain and tension.

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Cold is recommended for acute conditions, such as acute inflammation or injuries, e. If you are in doubt as to whether to apply heat or cold, please consult your pharmacist or physician. Both products can be used for the relief of musculoskeletal pain. They differ in their mode of action. Hansaplast Capsaicin Medicated Heat Plasters activate the body heat by means of a pharmacological ingredient and block the pain by inhibiting the pain-transmitting Substance P.

Spiral Heat Flexible Heat Patches are an external heat source that provides long-lasting deeply penetrating heat. Both products are effective against muscle pain such as back and neck pain but some people experience the effect of the capsaicin-containing heat products as too strong so Spiral Heat offers a pleasant alternative. Spiral Heat Application 1. How should I apply the heat patches?

Open the pouch directly before use. Remove the sealing paper from the back of the patch so the adhesive is exposed and place this side on your skin directly over the painful area. How long should I wear a Spiral Heat flex patch? For best results, wear Spiral Heat for the full 12 hours. Using Spiral Heat for more than the recommended time can increase the risk of skin irritation or burns.

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