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Playing with the Shadow Ghost

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Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio See also: Shadow. English Wikipedia has an article on: shadow. My shadow lengthened as the sun began to set.

The X-ray showed a shadow on his lung. I immediately jumped into shadow as I saw them approach. I don't have a shadow of doubt in my mind that my plan will succeed. The shadow of fear of my being outed always affects how I live my life.


This shadow self represents the parts of us we no longer claim to be our own, including inherent positive qualities. Think of the unconscious as everything we are not conscious of. Trouble arises when we fail to see it. For then, to be sure, it is standing right behind us. Every young child knows kindness, love, and generosity, but he also expresses anger, selfishness, and greed. As children, when we expressed certain parts of ourselves, we received negative cues from our environment. Maybe we got angry and threw a tantrum.

Our parents reprimanded the outburst and sent us to our room. Or perhaps we acted boldly, playfully, spontaneously, or silly in our first-grade classroom. Our teacher shamed us for our lack of decorum in front of the class and told us to sit down. Would the disapproval of our parents threaten our safety? Would the disapproval of our teachers and classmates jeopardize our need to belong? The ancient Greeks understood the need to honor all of the parts of the psyche.

For them, these parts were worshiped as autonomous gods and goddesses. The Greeks knew a god or goddess you ignored became the one who turned against you and destroyed you. Any part we disown within us turns against us. The personal shadow represents a collection of these disowned parts. The Unconscious Mind.

Perspectives on psychological science: a journal of the Association for Psychological Science , 3 1 , 73— Remaining unconscious of the shadow hurts our relationships with our spouses, family, and friends, and it will impact our professional relationships as well as our leadership abilities. Hyde the personal shadow.

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Jekyll could not control the actions of his darker half, leading him to commit unscrupulous acts, including murder. We project onto others anything we bury within us. Our egos use this mechanism to defend itself—to defend how it perceives itself. Exploring our shadow side, however, gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and development. As you integrate your shadow side and come to terms with your darker half, you see yourself more clearly.

A gold rush

You become more grounded, human, and whole. You may notice an improvement in your relationships with your spouse, family members, friends, and business associates. Dragging around this invisible bag of stuff behind us is draining.

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Fatigue and lethargy can plague the unexamined life. Mental suppression can also lead to physical pain and disease.

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  5. With Jungian shadow work, you liberate a tremendous reservoir of energy you were unconsciously investing in protecting yourself. As long as we deny our shadows and repress certain parts of ourselves, a sense of wholeness and unity is elusive. Integrating the shadow brings you one step closer to realizing a sense of wholeness.

    One of the greatest benefits of Jungian shadow work is that it unlocks more of your creative potential.