The Complete Guide to Subchapter S-Corporations

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This is a huge mistake, and it most often results in a multi-year disallowance which comes with a large tax bill along with penalties. Tip: If an s corporation terminates and files a short year return, it must file within that timeline after it terminates. Waiting until March in the following year will invoke some nasty penalties. S corporations can file form to receive an automatic 6-month extension to file. Keep in mind that this extension does not give the shareholders additional time to pay any tax balance that may be due as a result of income that passes through to them.

Understanding S Corporation Tax Savings

These amounts must be estimated and paid by the 15th of April, generally. For information about filing an extension for an s corporation, click here. When an s corporation has income and other pertinent items , it generally does not pay any tax. All activity passes through to its shareholders.

These rules include tax rates, the way losses are treated, and certain limitation thresholds. The K1 is prepared along with the s corporation tax return and it summarizes all of these income characteristics.

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It is filed with the IRS and provided to each shareholder at tax time. Here is part of the K1 form. Notice that in part 3 on the right there are many different categories to report. If an s corporation contains rental property and an investment account, you might see box 2, 4, and 5 filled out. That way, these types of income will flow to the shareholders in a way that they maintain their tax characteristics.

Box 5 b, qualified dividends, are almost always taxed at a lesser rate than other types of income.

Learn about creating an S Corporation (S Corp) | BizFilings

The K1 tracks the share of qualified dividends earned by the s corporation for each shareholder. If the info just came in one number, or just in box one, the individual would not get the appropriate tax benefit. This is a part of the tax code that allows a business to expense an asset currently rather than capitalizing it and depreciating it over a few years. But there is a limit on how much asset value you can expense under section , and that limit is per individual, not per s corporation, so it is important to track how much of this expense was allocated to each shareholder.

Click here to see why. Well obviously as a tax professional I am biased, but I can honestly tell you that I see horror stories resulting form mistakes made by non-professionals on a regular basis. Self-preparers might think that they are saving money by going it alone, but in some cases it can REALLY cost them in the form of penalties and additional taxes.

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If you would like to hire us to prepare and file your s corporation tax returns, please click here. We have extremely reasonable prices. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content This guide will help you to understand s corporation taxation quickly and in simple English. This guide also features links to more advanced s corporation concept guides. What is an s corporation?

S-Corp Taxes: The Ultimate Guide [+Free Checklist]

We strongly recommend that you consult with an experienced tax professional before you do this. Who qualifies for the s corporation election? To qualify for s corp taxation, for starters, the entity must be a US entity. How to start an s corporation To set up or start an s corp, first you must form an entity — this is usually filed with the appropriate state.

Employment taxes and s corporations With an s corporation, shareholders cannot perform more than minor services for the business without the employee and the employer being subject to employment taxes.

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So tax returns for s corps on a calendar year are mostly due on the 15th of March. Be careful. Pass-through characteristics and Schedule K1 When an s corporation has income and other pertinent items , it generally does not pay any tax. If an entity is to be sued it is the corporation, not the individuals behind this legal entity.

S-Corp Basis Explained

A corporation is organized by one or more shareholders. Because it is a matter of public record, specific, detailed, or confidential information about the corporation should not be included in the articles of incorporation. The corporation is governed by rules found in its bylaws. Yes, if you think you may want to go public at some point in the future, but want initial losses to flow through, consider starting with an S Corporation or a Limited Liability Company.

You can always convert to a C Corporation at a later date, after you have taken advantage of flowing through losses. Corporations can make the election at the beginning of its existence or at the beginning of a new tax year. But they will be taxed on the salary they pay themselves. This is the catch. Are you ready to set up your own S Corporation, but have some lingering questions? Is an S Corporation the right entity type for you? Learn more about limiting liability here. An unlimited number of management, no state residency requirements. Distinct, court-recognized existence, which helps protect you from personal liability that can cause you to lose your personal wealth in assets like your home, car, or nest egg.

Flow-through taxation: Profits are distributed to the shareholders, who are taxed on profits at their personal level. Good privacy protection, especially in Nevada and Wyoming. Learn why privacy matters. Can take a smaller salary and pay income taxes and regular payroll deductions, then take the remainder of profit as a distribution subject to income tax only. S Corporations are great for businesses that: will provide a service i.

Maximum of shareholders, all of whom must be U.