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Bagdale Hall Hotel, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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Ghost Stories From Whitby - The Mulgrave Tales

This book presents one hundred real-life stories from the nineteenth century press. Along with accounts Along with accounts of ghosts, poltergeists, and haunted houses, we meet extraordinary reports of the dying appearing hundreds or thousands of miles from the sight of their death, View Product. A collection of poems on a range of topics about life, and everything, good or A collection of poems on a range of topics about life, and everything, good or bad, that goes with it.

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At times witty, this book delves into random thoughts throughout the day that may or may not have deeper meaning So I was interested to read a book that claimed it was a The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories. Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin in and died in Paris in at Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin in and died in Paris in at the age of Just click on the YouTube link below to go to this exciting preview, containing some great photograps of Whitby that I have taken over the years, enjoy!

Watch out for the special ghostly effects. Spielberg eat your heart out!

Bagdale Hall Hotel, Whitby, North Yorkshire

The book is fully illustrated and contains the original paperback's map. Just click on the Amazon icon below to go to the Amazon sales page you'll be automatically directed to your country's sales page by Amazon Audible's audiobook Version. His voice is pure Vincent Price and he brings the stories to vivid life with his wonderful gothic tones and endearing characterisations of the various stories' participants, especially that of the unfortunate man who is 'Shanghaied' by a soul stealing Waft in a Whitby shop.

He has also appeared in many other TV programmes and films including Babylon 5, Scrubs and Columbo and as you will see from this YouTube link below, he is an excellent actor who has brought his talents wholeheartedly to this audio book and I am very proud that he has joined me in this endeavour. To purchase this great audio book narrated by Time, click on the 'Audible' icon below. On its page you can hear a free sample track of Time narating 'The Bargheist Coach', a chilling tale about a famous apparition of the town that collects the seamen's souls from the graveyard when they die.

It's all about the Christmas customs of Old Whitby and contains a few good ghost stories as well.

Click on the radio icon above to play, enjoy! The Lighthouse Ghost. On the West Pier stands the larger of Whitby's two lighthouses, a massive Doric column built in It was here in the late 's, that a young girl had a strange encounter. She and her mother were climbing the steep and narrow staircase inside the lighthouse when about halfway up she saw what appeared to be a man lying across the stairs. He was wearing seaman's clothes and seemed to be ill or injured.

The little girl stopped in dismay, expecting her mother to rush forward to help the unfortunate man.

we went on the ghost walk and enjoyed it - Whitby Walks

But her mother only urged her on up the stairs. Not believing that she would pass someone in distress and as the body was blocking the way, the girl turned in surprise to her mother and asked why she couldn't see the man lying on the steps in front of her? However, from the incredulous look on her mother's face, the girl could tell at once that her parent for some unknown reason just couldn't see the man.

Time passed and the girl grew up, but remained convinced of what she had seen in the lighthouse that day and several years ago wrote a letter to The Whitby Gazette describing her encounter. Since reading her letter in the Gazette I have learned of an event, which may explain the identity of the ghost that the little girl saw.

Whitby Regatta. Whitby Goth Weekend.

Ghost Walk | Whitby Walks

Whitby History. Five haunted places in Whitby. Here are a few comments from the Facebook post I put out.