Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide

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That means making it possible to take two laptop computers, and connect them with a crossover Ethernet cable, and have them communicate usefully using IP, without needing a man in a white lab coat to set it all up for you. Zeroconf is not limited to networks with just two hosts, but as we scale up our technologies to larger networks, we always have to be sure we haven't forgotten the two-devices and no DHCP server case.

Historically, AppleTalk handled this very well.

Back in the s if you took a group of Macs and connected them together with LocalTalk cabling, you had a working AppleTalk network, without any expert intervention, without needing to set up special servers like a DHCP server or a DNS server. In the s the same was true using Ethernet — if you took a group of Macs and plugged them into an Ethernet hub, you had a working AppleTalk network, using AppleTalk-over-Ethernet.

Now that it's common for computers to have IEEE One major problem with using IP for wide-area communication and AppleTalk, NETBIOS, or something else for local communication, was that it required application developers to support multiple different protocols with different semantics, conventions, and operational models.

Section 1.3. Summary

It enables the creation of entirely new kinds of networked products that today would simply not be commercially viable because of the inconvenience and support costs. Apple Computer is behind the Zeroconf aka Bonjour. As a developer and IT tech support, I find this book incredibly useful to understand zeroconf. Both the authors Stuart Cheshire, Daniel H. The entire book is divided into ten chapters.

The first five chapters provide an overview of how the Zeroconf infrastructure works. Rest chapters of the book contain information on creating Zeroconf applications in a variety of settings and writing application use C, Java and other APIs. I get it! Ads are annoying but they help keep this website running.

Multicast DNS

It is hard to keep the site running and producing new content when so many people block ads. Chapter 1: Introduction to Bonjour and Zeroconf The first chapter begins with quick hints how the modern office will work. It explains what are Bonjour and Zeroconf. It explains what is choosing addresses, name resolution and figuring out where to get services, like printing etc with Zeroconf.

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However, the most interesting part is the Zeroconf design principles explained by authors that build on two decades of experience with the AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol. Most time you have a network administrator at work place to keep running everything.

Zero Configuration networking with Bonjour

However, these days we have small network at home. You are not a network administrator; you just want to use your digital camera or printer. This is what author explained here.

Simplicity and reliability are two goals of Zeroconf.